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Dear Parents:

Thank you for choosing KittyJoyResort cattery's Bengal cats/Devon Rex Cats. KittyJoyResort is a TICA (100885) registered cattery located in Toronto. We mainly breed Bengals and Devon Rex. Ever since I had my first cat in 2003, I started my breeding journey out of my love for cats and since then KittyJoyResort has been registered by TICA since 2021. We strive to bring the highest quality and healthy kittens to families who are seeking a new furry member for the family. Our cute kittens have been sent to welcoming homes in many countries. If you are considering raising a kitten please choose KittyJoyResort for the best quality cats, loving personality, good habits, and good health.


We consider cats as part of our family members, and we trust you to make a careful decision before purchasing a kitten, as this decision is a lifetime commitment to you and your furry friend. The kittens can be sent to new homes after the second vaccination and internal/external deworming's are complete at 3-4 months. New kitten parents in the same city can come to pick up their kittens, or we can deliver the kitten to your doorstep. For out-of-town/country parents the kitten will be transported to their new homes by professional air consignment. 

KittyJoyResort是一家坐落于多伦多地区的TICA注册猫舍。主要繁育豹猫和德文卷毛猫。自从2003年拥有了人生的第一只猫,从此开始了我的繁育之路。出于对猫咪的热爱,2021年注册TICA(100885)Kitty joy resort猫舍。我们会为正在寻找可爱小猫的家庭带来最优质的猫咪。如今我们繁育的小猫已经去往了不同国家,如果你正在考虑养一只小猫,请选择我们,以得到一只性格亲人,习惯良好,身体健康的猫咪。

我们视猫咪如家人,亦恳请您在决定选购猫咪前,能深思熟虑。这是对小猫一辈子的承诺。 小猫3-4个月施打第二针疫苗和体内外驱虫完成后便可送往新家,同城新家长可来接猫或我们送猫上门;外地的则由专业航空托运到达新家。 


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Meet Our Parents!

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devon 1.jpg
Ice Cream
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Take A Quick Look At Our Available Kittens!

德文雷克斯 (Devon Rex)
devon baby sell 2.jpg
德文雷克斯 (Devon Rex)
devon baby sell.jpg
孟加拉 (Bengal)
5个月 (5 Months)
女 (Girl)
Untitled-Artwork (14).png
德文雷克斯 (Devon Rex)
devon q.jpg
2个月 (2 Months)
女 (Girl)
德文雷克斯 (Devon Rex)
2个月 (2 Months)
男 (Boy)
德文雷克斯 (Devon Rex)
2个月 (2 Months)
女 (Girl)

See All Our Graduated Kittens!

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baby 2.jpg
baby 3.jpg
baby 4.jpg
baby 6.jpg
baby 7.jpg
baby 5.jpg
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